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Get a Samsung Tablet for Just $ 85 at Woot (Refurbished)

Android tablets are far cheaper than the iPads, but some of them are on par in terms of performance and in some cases even outperform Apple’s tablets. In the end, it’s a matter of taste and needs. So if you are considering an Android tablet but don’t want to spend a lot of money, Woot may have the perfect deal for you. The US retailer offers a selection of Samsung tablets for a lot less than you would expect. Admittedly, these are outdated products. The price is terribly low. So if you are in the market for a cheap Android tablet, this is definitely the time and place to go shopping.

For example, you could buy a 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab A (8GB, Wi-Fi only) for just $ 85, while the 8-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab (201

9) 32GB of Wi-Fi for just 105 US dollars is sold. For those who want a slightly larger tablet, Woot is offering the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 Wi-Fi for just $ 200 and the Galaxy Tab S6 10.5 (256 GB) for $ 530.

There are a number of other Samsung tablets available for sale at Woot for a limited time. So, if you are really looking for an Android tablet and you don’t mind getting these refurbished, then you should definitely do it Check out Woot’s sale now.

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