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Get Corsair's Best Mechanical Keyboard at a Great Price

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In recent years, Corsair has become an important player in the mechanical keyboard market. The company's best keyboard, the Corsair K95 RGB Platinum, will regularly bring you $ 200. From March 17th to 23rd, Corsair and Amazon have a pretty sweet deal. You can buy the K95 RGB Platinum for $ 160. Yes, it's still a costly keyboard option, though it's 20 percent cheaper, but the K95 RGB Platinum is one of our most popular mechanical keyboards available today.

The feature-rich keyboard is available in two different versions of Cherry MX switches: Brown or Silver. Both switches are designed for speed, but the silver has a 1

.2mm actuation to really increase the speed. You can also choose between a smooth black finish or a cool gunmetal. The workmanship is breathtaking, with an anodized aluminum frame designed to withstand heavy use without deteriorating. The removable palm rest has a soft cover to aid comfort during long workouts.

The K95 RGB Platinum is designed for customization and gaming. It has illuminated buttons and six macro buttons that are both programmable and structured. The macro keys can be programmed to register individual keystrokes or keyboard shortcuts. The options for the backlight are some of the best. You can make multiple colors per button as well as individual brightness settings. You can store up to three profiles over 8 MB of internal memory. For example, you may have one profile for a shooter game, another for a real-time strategy game, and the last profile for the everyday features.

The K95 RGB Platinum has two USB ports and access to Corsair's iCue software suite. With the program, you can easily reassign keys, configure macros, and further customize the backlight. As for keyboard software, it does not get any better than the iCue. If you have other Corsair peripherals, such as mice or headsets, you can use the software to synchronize the lighting plans across multiple products. While this adjustment level does not help you play better, your gear will look cooler. For this reason, the K95 RGB Platinum offers the best experience from the standpoint of customization.

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