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Get ready to schedule your emails in Gmail

Ever wanted to send an e-mail in ten minutes? Or ten days The functionality could be available in Gmail on your smartphone, based on a breakdown of the code in the latest version of Gmail for Android.

9to5Google found hints to code-embedded scheduling features, especially text related to scheduled emails, and a range of options from two minutes to 50 years to queue messages.

It seems that you can cancel scheduled emails as needed, to which they are converted to ordinary designs. It also appears that planning is done through the cloud so messages can be sent even when you're offline or when your phone's battery is dead.

This is not the first sight of planning features in Gmail ̵

1; such an option was discovered in July 2018 – but it seems to be closer to being launched.

Lucky 15th, Gmail

When exactly this hidden code could be hidden is unclear, even though Gmail celebrates its 15th anniversary next month Launched in April 2004 with a free 1GB storage capacity that barely dates back to that time was conceivable.

Could Google roll out the feature to celebrate the milestone? We're not sure yet, and Google is keeping itself up to date on the content of the roadmap.

The time-honored e-mail service has recently brought out a host of new features that have evolved with the closure of Inbox's alternative Google.

There's now an intelligent answer tool that uses AI to write your messages, and expiration dates for emails you do not want to keep forever.

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