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Get the Fluance RT81 turntable for $ 210

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Turntables are not yet out of date and may never go away as long as people stick to their vinyl collection (and musicians like Jack White are still committed to the aging analog format). If you've been looking for an excuse to invest in a turntable, you'll find a good one here. From now until April 1

5, you can get the Fluance RT81 Elite High Fidelity Vinyl Turntable for $ 210 which is $ 35 less than the regular price.

The RT81 comes from the lower end of the Fluance line, which contains reference models such as the RT84 and RT85, both of which cost twice as much as the RT81. Despite the RT81's place in the "starter" end of the family, it's clear that Fluance really cares about the sound of this turntable. It is based on a solid MDF block and is covered with walnut veneer. The belt-driven plate is made of solid aluminum, and Fluance contains a moving audio technica AT95E magnetic pen with two grams of tracking force.

The turntable has a button to switch between 33.3 and 45 rpm. On the back you will find a pair of analog audio connectors and a ground post.

Yes, you can purchase a cheaper turntable that connects to a PC via USB, but this Fluance is your gateway to rediscovering (or simply discovering) the beauty of music from traditional amplifiers and speakers ). CNET's Steve Guttenberg debuted the Fluance RT81 and found that the build quality was well above what you would expect from a model in this price range. Overall, he was pretty impressed. It also received 4.6 stars from Amazon with around 700 ratings. Fluance has a good reputation among serious music lovers, and this record player is a good example of why.

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