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Ghost of Tsushima – Sucker Punch delves deep into the cinematic gameplay

Ghost of Tsushima is one of Sony’s last major exclusive games on PlayStation 4, and developer Sucker Punch showed a series of today’s gameplay of the title today in an online video for the PlayStation State of Play. The game will be released exclusively on PlayStation 4 on July 17th. Ghost of Tsushima is a samurai action adventure game from Sucker Punch Studios in Seattle, the developer that has developed other exclusive PlayStation games like the Sly Cooper and Infamous series.

The game took place in Japan in the 1270s during the first Mongolian invasion. You play as Jin Sakai, the ghost. Sucker Punch has already become notorious: Second Son, one of the earliest exclusive products on PS4 in 201

4. And this game offers some features that Sucker Punch fans will recognize.


Above: Jin Sakai can explore Tsushima Island.

Photo credit: Sucker Punch / Sony

At the beginning of the demo, Sucker Punch showed how you can explore the island of Tsushima with its various landscapes, shrines, forests, country estates and villages. To maneuver, you can look at a map and mark a destination. Then you can get on a horse to get there and check in with the “lead wind”. When you do this, a gust of wind blows in the direction you should go.

As you drive through the forest, you can pick up resources like a bamboo stick by apparently pressing the right stick (R3) as you get past the display. You can also use R3 to speak to non-player characters who greet you as “Sakai-san”.

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Above: The map of Tsushima

Photo credit: Sucker Punch / Sony

In the woods you can also meet animals that can help. A fox can lead you to something hidden. This is the first real look at the open world of the game where you can get started and choose the missions or goals you want to pursue.


Above: The fight is coming.

Photo credit: Sucker Punch / Sony

In battle, Ghost of Tsushima shines in a way reminiscent of blood-spewing samurai films.

Jin is a master of the sword and scares the common enemies he faces. In combat, press L1 and R1 simultaneously to perform a timed block or fatal blow. The Mongolian enemies can fall in a kind of slow motion. The animations of the flying parts of the body, the spray of blood and the excruciating sounds of death feel as if they came directly from a samurai film.

Jin can fight as a swordsman or archer and fight in a kind of ninja stealth mode. In secret, Jin can use firecrackers to distract guards and distract them so that he can approach for quick kills. When Jin is on a killing spree, some enemies can be paralyzed with fear, which makes killing easier.


Above: The Ghost of Tsushima skyline makes you feel like you’re in a Kurosawa film.

Photo credit: Sucker Punch / Sony

You can customize Jin’s clothing and give him different types of armor to emphasize your playing style. You can equip spells that give you an edge in combat, such as the “Spell of Ferocity”. So you can optimize the look and influence the development of the gameplay. You can pause the action and take photos in photo mode. You can change the wind direction and add particles to the pictures you want to take in photo mode. This is a basic requirement for sucker punch games.

Above: Samurai cinema mode in Ghost of Tsushima.

Photo credit: Sucker Punch / Sony

You can also record videos of the action in what Sucker Punch calls the “samurai cinema”. This is how you can create a windy black and white mode that you can activate from the start of the game. It all has a very cinematic style that makes you feel like you are participating in Akira Kurosawas The seven samurai.

It was a short 18-minute demo of the gameplay, but Sucker Punch promises more soon.

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