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Ghost Of Tsushima’s in-game stats illustrate its wild popularity

PlayStation revealed collective player stats for Spirit of Tsushima on Friday, July 31st to demonstrate the sheer popularity of the game among PS4 owners due to their gaming activity.

Among those who play Spirit of Tsushima Online, PlayStation has provided the tweet with a calculated 57.5 million duels in battle, 15.5 pictures taken by players, a total of 8.8 million petted foxes and 810.3 years on horseback.

Other in-game statistics include 17.1 million completed bamboo strikes, 37.5 million honored Inari shrines, 28.1

million flute songs played, 16.2 million hot springs visited, 14.2 million written haikus, 139.4 million enemies submitted and over 156 million spacers. Given the statistics of 10 days, these numbers will undoubtedly increase over time.

Spirit of Tsushima is the project released by Sony developer Sucker Punch at the beginning of July and the latest exclusive IP of the PS4, which takes place during the samurai era in Japan with a focus on sword fighting and stealth mechanics. After the game was unavailable for 10 days, PlayStation released game statistics on its Twitter account.

Spirit of Tsushima was a complete success for both Sucker Punch and Sony. According to PlayStation, the game is now the fastest-selling new IP for PlayStation 4. With Spirit of Tsushima With 2.4 million copies in the first three days of international release, the game is a clear commercial and critical success for Sony. Digital Trends gave the game 4.5 stars and praised it for its contemplative narrative, presentation and impressive open world, but was crucial for the characters’ uncomfortable facial animations.

Spirit of Tsushima is probably one of the last Swan songs on PlayStation 4, along with The Last of Us Part II, It was also a huge success and sold 4 million copies in the first three days of publication. Cross-platform titles like Cyberpunk 2077 and Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s time will be released on the console before or just like the PlayStation 5 starts, but Spirit of Tsushima marks the last major new IP to be released during the PlayStation 4 lifecycle.

With a number of successful exclusive products, Sony may be able to continue on the PlayStation 5 with releases like Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Ratchet & Clink: Tear apart, and horizon Forbidden West in development. The PS5 currently has no set start date, but will arrive in the 2020 holiday season.

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