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GitGuardian Brings $ 12 Million to Help Developers Write Safer Code and Fix GitHub Leaks – TechCrunch

Data breaches that could potentially cause millions of dollars in damages have been a death sentence for many companies. What is needed is a high level of real-time monitoring. The problem is that this world has become incredibly complex. A survey by the SANS Institute revealed that half of the corporate data breaches were the result of account or credential hacking.

GitGuardian has attempted to solve this problem with a sophisticated cybersecurity solution, the sum of $ 12 million in Series A, led by Balderton Capital . Scott Chacon, co-founder of GitHub, and Solomon Hykes, founder of Docker also participated in the round.

The startup plans to use Balderton Capital's investment to expand its customer base primarily in the United States. Around 75% of customers are currently based in the US, with the remainder in Europe, and funding will continue to drive this expansion.

According to GitGuardian, sensitive corporate information has been discovered that hides in online repositories. The time monitoring platform can solve the problems with data leaks. Modern enterprise software developers need to integrate multiple internal services and third-party services. This means they need incredibly sensitive "secrets" such as credentials, API keys, and private cryptographic keys used to protect sensitive systems and data. The team originally built their launch platform with a view of the public GitHub . However, GitGuardian has been developed as a private solution to monitor and notify secrets that are inappropriately disseminated in internal systems such as private code repositories or messaging systems.

Solomon Hykes, Docker founder and investor at GitGuardian, said, "Securing your systems starts with securing your software development process. GitGuardian understands this and has developed a pragmatic solution to an acute security problem. The credential tracking system is a must for any serious organization.

Do you have any competitors?

Co-founder Jérémy Thomas told me, "We do not have direct competitors right now. This generally means that there is no market or the market is too small to be interesting. In our case, our fundraiser shows that we have something big in our hands. The reason why we have no competitors is that the problem we solve is not intuitive at first glance. Ask a developer, he will say that he would never hard code a secret in public source code. However, people make mistakes, and when they do, they can be extremely serious: a single leaked pass may be required to endanger an entire organization. Finally, I would like to say that our real competitors so far are Black Hat hackers. Black Hat activity is real on GitHub. For the past two years we have been monitoring organized groups of hackers who are exchanging confidential information that they find on the platform. We compete with them for the speed of detection and the extent of the vulnerabilities covered. "

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