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GitHub publishes a public roadmap – TechCrunch

GitHub announced today that it will begin publishing a public roadmap so that its users understand when new features will be available for the different versions of the GitHub code repository and for products like GitHub Actions, its mobile app and its security tools.

“We try to give people the opportunity to see what’s coming, to participate in this dialogue, to give us feedback and to work with us,” said GitHubs SVP of product Shanku Niyogi.

He also noted that as the company’s business grew, so did the need for customers to prepare for the next steps. So far, GitHub has often shared this information directly with some of its larger customers (through good old slide decks), but this information is now available to everyone. For Niyogi, it̵

7;s essentially about “creating GitHub more the way people already create software on GitHub”.

Credit: GitHub

Not surprisingly, the roadmap lives in a GitHub repo. Everything is labeled based on the function, the product concerned and the development phase. Over time, GitHub plans to add more artifacts to each object, including screenshots, for example.

The company also uses its own product to give users the opportunity to provide feedback, for example, through the recently launched GitHub discussion feature.

Credit: GitHub

In the current version, the roadmap provides for about a year. “We won’t necessarily throw things on the table here that we saw five or six years ago,” said Niyogi. “But if things slowly move into this horizon for us, we will have it. As with software development, you can always count on changes, so we would like to familiarize ourselves with them. “

Users can also sign up for notifications when something changes in the roadmap.

The new roadmap is now live on GitHub.

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