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GM will help EVgo install 2,700 EV fast chargers in the United States

The new charging stations will be installed in cities and suburbs and can be used from the beginning of next year. You can find them near grocery stores, retail stores, and entertainment complexes with the idea that you can charge your electric vehicle while doing errands or having fun. Most stations can charge four vehicles at the same time and have charging capacities of 100 to 350 kilowatts, which according to GM “meet the requirements of an ever more powerful set of electric vehicles that are coming onto the market”


GM hopes that this approach of installing stations in easily accessible locations will make electric vehicles a more practical option for people who otherwise would not have easy access to charging stations. This includes people who cannot install chargers in their rental apartments or who have no stations near their work.

“We are quickly launching new electric vehicles that customers will love,” said Mary Barra, chairman and CEO of GM. “We know how important the charging ecosystem is for drivers. This also includes access to convenient and reliable public quick charging. Our relationship with EVgo will strengthen the public fast charging system for EV customers ahead of increased market demand and strengthen our commitment to a fully electric, zero emissions future. “

GM has a number of electric vehicles along the way, including electric truck and SUV versions of the Hummer. The company has also said that by 2030 most, if not all, of the Cadillacs it manufactures will be electric vehicles.

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