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Gmail could get a cute but bloated overhaul

Google informed us a few weeks ago that a “Meet” tab will soon be added to the Gmail app on Android and iOS, so you can better attend all of the meetings that you have scheduled. Now a series of slides has been discovered that is expected to be featured on Google next week Cloud Next ̵

7;20 In this case, we see what a complete Gmail revision could be that goes beyond Meet integration.

The slides show important changes to both Gmail on the web and mobile apps. The main focus is on making Gmail a “new home” for you. This means that Meet, Google Chat and your chat rooms are integrated with email.

To understand what this could look like on your device, the image here shows that Gmail needs to update with a new bottom bar for each of these areas. The Mail, Chat, Rooms, and Meetings tabs take you to Gmail, your chats, rooms where you and your colleagues may discuss topics, and video calls.

New Gmail for work

What we don’t know yet is whether this will only be for Gsuite customers or whether everyone can have a part of it. Because Google Chat is initially only a Gsuite service. If Google Chat adds to Gmail and doesn’t let everyone in, the bottom bar for non-Gsuite owners may only contain tabs for emails and meetings that look strange and don’t use this area well.

You then have to wonder if Google plans to open Google Chat to everyone next week. You should probably do it because chat is still a supported app and is a replacement for Google Hangouts.

New Gmail for work

New Gmail for work

Oh, on the web, each of these areas is accessed on the left, where there are links for the four areas. When you tap or click each item, the space previously reserved for Gmail is used to view chats, rooms, and video calls.

Thinking about a new, bloated Gmail experience?

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