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Gmail is finally about to get one of the best inbox features

I'm still crazy that Google Inbox killed the largest email client in history. I will never let anyone forget that. Besides that, part of the promise after the inbox was put back to keep people like me happy was that Google would try to improve its best features by integrating with Gmail , That didn't really happen, but one of the best inbox features could finally be on the way.

Through an APK demolition of the latest Google Mail update (v2020.02.02.294309273) from Android Police They found strings that mention a new travel label that Google appears to be replacing the word " Bundle ". This new travel label sounds almost exactly like what we received in the inbox.

To keep you up to date, the inbox intelligently recognized all emails related to upcoming travel plans and sorted them by individual trip. It looked like. Instead of trying to manually manage your upcoming trip, Google automatically adds related items (such as hotel, airline, and restaurant reservations) to a travel package. You can then access everything before and during your vacation or work trip by tapping the trip. It was great.

If this update is a sign of the future of Gmail, we should soon see a "travel" label in the Gmail sidebar that introduces a similar concept. It's also time that Google turned off its Trips app last year and hasn't replaced it yet.

There are also signs that they are similar “labels” for purchases. So stay up to date.

Thank you, Google, but you still have a lot of work to do to turn Gmail into your inbox. This should be done.

// Android Police

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