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GMC will detail the Hummer EV on October 20th

The Hummer EV has a new release date. GMC will unveil its new electric truck on October 20th. Online reservations are opened on the same day. The automaker originally planned to unveil the vehicle on May 20, but delayed the event due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Building on a test that GMC shared last week, GMC also confirmed that the truck will have a feature in crab mode that allows it to move diagonally. Additionally, we know that the Hummer’s electric motor delivers up to 1,000 horsepower and can accelerate from zero to 60 mph in about three seconds. You have the option to remove the roof panels so that you can see the landscape more easily while driving. All of these characteristics should make for an interesting electric vehicle, but whether there will be a market for a luxury super truck in 2020 is a separate question. The Hummer EV is also likely to face stiff competition from the Tesla Cybertruck and Rivian R1T.

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