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Godfall is getting a nice new gameplay trailer on PAX Online

As part of PAX Online, Godfall has a brand new gameplay trailer showing off his fast-paced battle with some new flash and monster close-ups.

The closer the introduction of the next generation of consoles approaches, the greater the anticipation of many players. In the case of Sony, the PS5 launch titles already have pages on the Playstation website. However, the ultimate quality test cannot come until the players actually have the games.

One of the placeholders in the upcoming lineup is Godfall. Developed by CounterPlay Games, Godfall. M.It follows as a looter rather than a looter Border areas and fate as a template for the gameplay loop, while the gameplay is used on its own. But beyond the basic requirement a lot about it Godfall remains mysterious.

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The art style of Godfall is different from others out there in terms of what to expect. The design of the world and the characters who occupy it bears more than a passing resemblance to those in Duelyst, CounterPlay̵

7;s previous project. But apart from the basic requirement everything is known Godfall doesn’t matter much. However, as the release approaches, this seems to be changing. A new gameplay trailer has been released for Godfall Focus specifically on fighting enemies.

The combat trailer shows three different fighting styles, each represented by a different combination of bravery plate and weapon. In contrast to that Godfall The gameplay was revealed at Gamescom. The battles are much more noticeable and faster. The Silvermane Valorplate user wields a sword and shield, while Typhon uses a spear and a mysterious third plate uses a war hammer.

Excerpts from each fighting style are shown that paint a good picture of what everyone is capable of. One impressive feature that is universal to any build is a slide that the characters often use to duck under enemy blows as they reposition themselves. It looks like a very nifty version of the traditional evasive throw used in many games.

Two of the Valorplates revealed so far in the trailer are known, even if they do not have all the skills. The Silvermane plate seems like an uncomplicated bully and with its shield it gets pretty brutal. The Typhon plate uses its spear with wide, quick slashes. It also uses precise strokes, a long-range throw, and even some shield work like the silver mane. The biggest difference is in the gameplay for the unknown record and its war hammer. For the most part, it’s the expected slow, big swings, but at some point the war hammer is used like a boomerang.

It definitely looks like a fight Godfall has the potential to be very committed. The greatest potential danger to Godfall is not addressed in the video: his loot system. There are still questions about the rarity of the weapons and how exactly they interact with the valorplates. This information colors the displayed battle differently once it is known. Only time will tell if it looks ridiculous or brilliant in hindsight.

Godfall is in development for PC and PS5.

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