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Godzilla vs Kong throws an Iron Fist Star and more

Godzilla and Kong have another new human friend whom they can not step on. Or maybe stomp, who can say.
Image: Legendary
Morning Spoilers If there's news about upcoming movies and television that you should not know, you can find them here.

Godzilla vs Kong throws a Iron Fist star. Lego Batman Movie and potential Nightwing director Chris McKay could bring Jonny Quest to the big screen. The CW wants a lot more of the new Charmed . Swamp Thing could add another DC villain and speak rumors about the prequel of Game of Thrones . Get spoilers!

Godzilla vs Kong

The human cast of this mighty monster mashup continues to grow, this time with Iron Fist and Game of Thrones & # 39; Jessica Henwick in another unknown role. [Variety]

Jonny Quest

Chris McKay has signed to direct the live-action Jonny Quest for Warner Bros. [The Wrap]

The Witches

. Geek's World Wide reports on Robert Zemeckis' forthcoming remake of Roald Dahl's The Witches will star in Alabama and star as the "8-10 year old African American actor". The outlet also confirms that the production is looking for a young actor for the role of Bruno Jenkins and a brand new character named Daisy, who is described as "a young girl who had previously been turned from a witch to a mouse".

Frozen 2

When co-director Jennifer Lee spoke with Variety, she revealed that the sequel Frozen contains four new songs, including "an evolution" of a song from the original.

We have a new song that I think is a development. It's a song of its own … Bobby [Lopez] and Kristen [Anderson-Lopez] delivered it three weeks ago. We've been working with them for two years and this song just came in and I love it.

Mortal Engines

The latest TV commercial depicts the premise of cities on wheels just before the movie. [19659019] Robin Hood

The Merry Men are planning a robbery in the latest clip.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Jude Law and Eddie Redmayne hype the Fantastic Beasts Sequel in a new featurette

In the meantime, Grindelwald torments Queenie in the latest trailer.

The Invisibles

Variety reports that Grant Morrison is now developing a television series based on his highly influential comic about a group of occult freedom fighters, The Invisibles for Universal Cable Productions.

Survivors & # 39; Club

Talking about comic TV adaptations, the CW is now developing a TV series based on Survivors & # 39; Club, a DC /. Dizziness comic book in which the monsters of Hor There are actually franchise franchise companies. The writer Jared Frieder is prepared for exporting products. [Deadline]


Deadline reports that Jean Smart has been included in the cast of HBO's sequel to the iconic comic series as a wonderfully vague role of an FBI agent investigating a murder.


Good news! The restart of Charmed has received a full episode of 22 episodes of the season from the CW. [Spoiler TV]


According to Deadline Doctor Who has the writer Toby Whithouse aboard Neil Gaiman and Akiva Goldsmans TV adaptation of the Gormenghast trilogy

The hashtag show is Kevin Durand (Martin Keamy from Lost; The Blob from X-Men Origins: Wolverine ) reportedly in talks to join the cast of [19459031JasonSwingThing Dr. Jason Woodrue, the human-plant hybrid, alternately known as Floronic Man, Plant Master, Floro or The Seeder.

The Long Night

Speaking of Show, this hashtag show also reports that Denise Gough and Sheila Atim are currently in talks to join the cast series of the Game of Thrones prequel series ,

Tell me a story

An awkward confrontation with the thrift store begins trailer to episode three of the monthly horror anthology "Greed."

Supernatur al

Felicia Day guest stars to follow a hybrid of humans and flies in the trailer for next week's episode "Optimism." Arrow

Finally, Felicity and Black Siren join Diaz in a clip from the episode of Monday, "Demon."

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