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Google Assistant brings news and more to MWC – Droid Life

MWC has started and Google is ready with the announcements. You've already shared the new phones that start with Google Assistant buttons, but the wizard messages do not stop there. More apps with Assistant Integration, New Language Support, Assistant on Feature Phones, and more will be coming soon.

Google says users will start seeing Google Assistant suggestions in the news conversations over the coming months. So, if you're talking to people about the weather, movies, or restaurants, the assistant can suggest information about those things. Sounds like a nightmare of privacy? Google suggests that the information provided be processed only after it has been processed on your phone. Nor does the wizard send you the content of your conversations, and you can decide whether to share something with others.

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In other wizard news released today, Google brings its AI intelligence to KaiOS, which is a feature phone OS. This means voice messages, search queries, etc. on function phones. In addition, Google Assistant is now available in Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam and Urdu, so all users in India can benefit from it. Oh, and do you remember when Google Assistant became bilingual? It has been expanded to include language pairs from Korean, Hindi, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Dutch.

You should also note some other pointers:

  • Coming soon you can use Google Assistant [19459012einchecken] Lufthansa SWISS or Austrian Air flight within Europe, by voice. Initially, this will be available in German and English for flights within Europe.
  • Digital Wellbeing will be available through Google Assistant in English, German and French markets.

Learn more about Google's wizard messages for MWC below.

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