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Google brings Stadia to 18 new phones, including the Galaxy S20

Before Doronichev led the Stadia product team, he was Product Manager and Head of Mobile from the early days of YouTube. He sees many similarities between the services.

"Stadia is built on the same infrastructure, Google Infrastructure, that has provided searches and YouTube videos to billions of users around the world over the past decade or two," he said. "This is one of the things that I think we can no doubt do at this point."

The players of course still have questions about the stability of Stadia. The cloud gaming industry will find a foothold in 2020 and every service ̵

1; including Stadia, xCloud and GeForce Now – will find out how to deal with groundbreaking latency problems and loss of fidelity. Stadia had a rocky start, and many reviewers and early players had significant problems. We found the service to work well under ideal conditions, but overall it was hellishly stained.

It is incredibly difficult to adapt a streaming system to the end environment of every user, explained Doronichev. It's never just about resolution, frame rate, connection speed or latency. He encountered this issue while creating YouTube mobile apps, and it is compounded by Stadia.

"It will take us some time to get there."

"I can draw a parallel to video streaming that was the previous wave of the media," said Doronichev. "We asked all sorts of questions – what makes a high quality video session? Is it the resolution? Is it the frame rate? Is it a delay? Or is it the number of buffer events that your playback session or video session wants to interrupt in this case You generally create a system that manages connection parameters in a very intelligent way and adapts to the end user's conditions. The conditions include many factors, not just your network. "

Google has his eyes on the end result with Stadia. The company has set ambitious goals, including seamless 4K streams and games that can be shared through links. So far, it has failed more than it has achieved. Doronichev reminded us, however, that Stadia hadn't been there for three months.

"We have announced our vision, which is great, and we will need time to get there," said Doronichev. "That's okay. That's great. That's what it's about, right? It's not just about minor improvements, it's not about a specific function. It's about a big, bold statement about where we're going. We're going." very, very confident. Judging by the speed so far, I'm more confident that we can deliver and outbid. "

Stadia players would certainly be happy if they only" delivered "at first.

Nick Summers contributed to this report.

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