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Google Chrome will soon provide information to users on websites with unclear mobile billing services

Google is introducing a small but important update to its Chrome browser designed to prevent consumers from being tricked by cumbersome or unclear mobile subscription services into some sort of service, such as a mobile game, but it's not always clearly how much they are calculated or if they are even calculated.

This is made possible by a service known as Carrier Billing Allows users to bypass cumbersome subscription methods by charging a fee directly to their mobile bill. In fact, it's an incredibly useful service to many things as it largely eliminates the friction associated with paying online – and that also means you do not have to have a credit card handy.

But Content or Service Providers Have Great Thoughts This is done by obscuring important information from the sign-up process, such as cost and whether it's a one-time or recurring fee.

Above: Example of Mobile Subscription Fraud

As of December 2018, with the launch of Chrome 71 Google's browser on mobile devices and desktops, as well as in Android WebView will display a warning message if it determines that the user is not enough Information for mobile subscriptions are available.

"We want to make sure that Chrome users know when to go through a billing flow and trust that they can make informed decisions while surfing the Internet," Google wrote in a blog post announcing this update.

Visitors get the option to go to a web page, but until The highlighted option is by default to return to the previous page.

Top: Chrome Alert

The owner of the site also receives a warning via the Google search console that the mobile billing page needs improvement, and the webmaster can notify Google has made the necessary changes – when Google does Update accepted, the warning is removed.

"Every month, millions of Chrome users are finding pages with insufficient mobile subscription information," Google added. "Surprising charges that come from unclear communication are a bad user experience."

If you are actively searching for subscriptions on mobile phone numbers on the Internet, you must clearly sign the costs and billing structure in front of the user. Otherwise your website might be marked with a warning.

Chrome warns against proactively alerting visitors to potential dubious activity on certain websites. Google has recently changed how users are made aware of the security of a website, for example, because it now uses a red flag "Not sure" on HTTP websites.

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