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Google Home Mini, Echo Glow, Echo Dot for sale

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  Imagine the echo glow as a very intelligent night light.
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TL; DR: Buy the whimsical Google Home Mini with Frozen II book bundles for only $ 1

9 at Walmart. That's over 60% off the regular price, but do not miss out on another great tech gift for kids with an Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition with Echo Glow for $ 59.98.

It's always hard to find the right gift, and it includes Christmas gifts for the kids in your life. You may be overwhelmed by the long list of holiday toys on offer, but you may feel that your son, daughter, niece or nephew deserves something special. For a more interactive gift, selling smart speakers from Google and Amazon may be the perfect way to bring joy beyond the holidays.

Take care of the little ones on your list with a Google Home Mini and a Frozen II book bundle for only $ 19.99 at Walmart. That's 61% less than the normal price for this bundle, and you can choose between aqua or chalk. Not to be outdone, Amazon also offers the Echo Dot Kids Edition with the Echo Glow Smart Lamp for only $ 59.98 for the price of $ 40. The bad news is that you can only select blue because the rainbow pattern will not be available until January.

If the kids you know are big Disney fans (because they are, of course), the Google Home Mini Bundle is the place to go for you. The Mini works just like any other standard voice assistant with voice controls that show you weather information, news or the controls of other smart devices. But the real magic happens with an official Disney Little Golden Book. Just say "Hey Google, let's read along with Disney." As you read, Google Home provides the right atmosphere with sound effects and music to transport you to Arendelle.

Google's homepage is even smart enough to tell you when to pause or even jump on the story. And this feature works with other Little Golden Books such as The Lion King and Coco . You can even purchase this set of 12 Little Golden Books for $ 31.99 so the kids can experience timeless classics like Cinderella and Alice in Wonderland . Check out this helpful list of compatible books to see which ones you can add to a child's growing library.

However, if you're looking for a different smart speaker for kids who want to tell more than just stories, you should not miss this special Echo Dot Kids Edition and Echo Glow bundle. Our friends at Offers.com explain what sets this apart from other smart speakers. Basically, however, it offers parental controls to filter out explicit songs and set time limits. The Bonus Echo Glow is a unique intelligent lamp that changes a variety of colors with each music or playing time. You can also set it as a timer that changes the colors for bedtime and dinner, or as an alarm clock that gradually lightens to wake up children.

For an added bonus, this Echo Dot also includes a free year of FreeTime Unlimited. It gives you access to thousands of kid-friendly songs, audiobooks, games, and Alexa abilities, all available on other Amazon, Android, and Apple devices. If the child's parents do not want to pay for FreeTime on renewal, they can cancel at any time before the end of the free year.

So there you have it. Two discounted Christmas gifts for children who are much better than stuffed animals. Maybe it's time to reward your hard work with an additional Google Home Mini for as little as $ 19 while you still have a chance.

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