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Google Home too chatty? Try these tips to cover it up


Google Home Smart Speakers sometimes annoy you when you try suggested commands, which many find annoying.

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Every now and then I ask my google home page ($ 130 at HSN) for something — The weather report, Set the timer, how to spell “antidisestablishmentarianism” – and it answers immediately. But sometimes it adds a tip I. Not Ask, “If you ever want to know what time it is, just ask.” Or, “By the way, if you ever want to hear a recap of your day, just say ‘Good morning’.” However, one tip I’ve never had is how to prevent the same descriptions from being repeated by its functions that I’ve already selected to ignore over and over again.

I wish the google homepage had a “short mode” like the Amazon Echo that you can set to “simple” when executing certain commands. Instead, Google Home proudly announces every time a light is turned off. There’s a somewhat lengthy workaround for this on the Google Home page (you’ll need to create a separate routine for each command you don’t want to hear confirmation for), but there’s nothing on the Google Home Support pages to address these unwanted ones To suppress suggestions.

Thankfully, that hasn’t stopped internet users from experimenting with various solutions that, at least anecdotally, seem to be doing the trick. If your Google homepage’s command suggestions are as annoying as mine, here are some things you can do to make them stop.


The Google Support pages are frustratingly silent about how to silence unwanted suggestions, but the forums are full of ideas.

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Try this to keep Google Home tips to a minimum

There is no official Google Home support document on the matter, so I scoured the internet for homemade hacks. Some Google Home users reported success when they said: “Hey Google, no thanks” or, “OK, Google, no thanks” after the Google homepage offered an unwanted suggestion. Some commenters said they didn’t wait for their Google home page to suggest the tip and said the command out of the blue and it still seemed to work.

When we tried it with various Google Home smart speakers, the answers were different. To “Hey Google, no thanks she“One replied,” It’s been a pleasure. “Another replied,” Sorry, I don’t understand. ”

The answer to “No, thank you” was “No. Received.” It’s not clear if this worked.

Google Home Mini

According to reports, playing around with the Google Home app helps, so that’s what I tried too.

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A software hack you could also try

A commenter on a Google Home support forum suggested joining the Google Home app and change an action so in a routine save up After telling Google Home, “No thanks.”

I could see how this could at least trigger an end to the routine suggestions, so I tried changing it my “good morning” routine so now it sets mine Nest learning thermostat to 72 instead of 70, then saved, just in case changing my preference might help to stay. Again it was only two days, but no additional tips so far.

Don’t try to do these things

Other Google Home owners have reportedly tried all sorts of things that definitely didn’t work for them. Here are some commands that don’t seem to stop the unwanted tips:

  • “Stop telling me about routines!” (Google Home says I’m sorry, it doesn’t know how to help with this.)
  • Restoring the device to factory settings (this could make it even worse).
  • Complain to Google Home support about it.

If you’ve never automated a series of Google Home actions before, Here’s a good guide to getting started with routines. And if you have other pet sleeves with Google Home (I sure do), Here are some workarounds for my three biggest exacerbations plus two solutions to my biggest trouble with Google Home from all.

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