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Google introduces dark mode for Gmail and Google Maps

Google has begun adopting dark mode for two of its most used apps, Gmail and Maps, for iOS and Android. But … not everyone will get a taste of it.

In a tweet, a spokesperson confirmed that the company is launching " the darkest Gmail mode in the latest update". The spokesman added that users with Android 10 and iOS In version 11 (and newer versions) should be displayed an option to enable in the settings "soon".

" Currently dark mode options are only available for Android 1

0+ and iOS 11+," the spokesman said in a follow-up tweet. " If these operating system versions are available for your device, we recommend updating to use the dark mode."

In other news, Google teased the dark mode for Maps via Instagram's official Android account. The post suggests that the feature should already be available on Android 10, but iOS is not mentioned yet.

In fact, some redditors in older devices have already detected minor clues about the dark mode in Maps, such as: B. Buttons with dark subjects. [19659002] While most iPhone users should have no trouble upgrading to an iOS version with support for dark mode, this could be a problem for Android users – especially for owners of mobile phones with custom skins – who tend to to receive such updates with delay.

I am currently using a Huawei P30 Pro and still need to get the update for Android 10, for example. My colleague Ivan Mehta, however, was able to activate the dark mode for Gmail on his iPhone 11. Here's a look:

To get the new theme in Gmail on your iPhone, you need to turn on dark mode on iOS. Alternatively, you can check the [Gmail] app at Settings> Theme (although this setting may not yet be available to all iOS 13 users).

As with such rollouts, even with some users, dark mode may be activated with a slight delay – even if your phone is running the latest version of Android or iOS. So do not be discouraged if you belong to these people.

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