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Google is apparently discontinuing the original Pixelbook but isn’t quite saying it

As of 2017, the Google Pixelbook has had a spot on our list of the best Chromebooks you can buy, with tasteful design and workmanship that keeps it competitive three years later. However, you can no longer buy it from Google – it is out of stock and the company is strongly suggesting that it be permanently discontinued.

Here is the full explanation from Google:

We are proud of the success of Pixelbook, which will continue to receive the latest versions of Chrome OS as per our auto-update guidelines. While Pixelbook is out of stock on the Google Store, Pixelbook Go, which delivers similar high-performance elements in a familiar form factor, starts at $ 649.

While Google declined to say outright that the Pixelbook has been discontinued, it is unlikely that any model in the US and UK will be removed from the list (as spotted by) 9to5Google) or talk about end-of-life plans, e.g. For example, how to continue receiving updates if Google wanted to bring this back.

Plus, last year̵

7;s Pixelbook Go effectively replaced the original in a number of ways, including a similarly sized screen, albeit with a comparatively narrow aspect ratio of 16: 9. We’re going to be missing the Pixelbook’s 3: 2 display, and you should know that the starting price of the Pixelbook Go for $ 649 is just that: a starting price with relatively low specs. If you need processing power, more storage, and a 4K display, the price is up to $ 1,399.

Google announced last June that it would focus its Chrome OS hardware on laptops rather than tablets like the unfortunate Pixel Slate. It’s been less than a year since the Pixelbook Go came out, so there may be more laptops on the go. However, ahead of the company’s September 30th event to unveil the Pixel 5, a new Chromecast, and a smart speaker, we didn’t hear any rumors or leaks for a new Pixelbook.

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