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Google Launch Night In Announced: What To Expect

(Pocket-Lint) – Google has announced a new event that is likely to showcase the Pixel 5 smartphone, a new Chromecast, and a new Google Nest smart speaker.

The online special will take place on September 30, 2020 at 2 p.m. ET. “We invite you to learn everything about our new Chromecast, our latest smart speaker and our new Pixel phones,” reads the invitation. Google has already confirmed plans to launch a Pixel 5 later this year. It also promised 5G versions of the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4A.

For more information on Pixel 5, check out our guide here. We also have a Pixel 4A 5G rumor recap here.

The new Chromecast is said to have the code name Sabrina. The latest Chromecast models ̵

1; Chromecast Ultra and Third Generation Chromecast – were announced in 2016 and 2018, respectively. The new Chromecast will change direction dramatically compared to previous versions. Previously, Chromecast was just a connection between your TV and content and relied on a separate device to control it – your phone or laptop, for example.

If new rumors are true, the new Chromecast will run Android TV and come with a remote control. For more information on this Chromecast, please see our guide here.

Google also teased a new Nest Home speaker in July by posting an image of the device. It looks like it can sit between the Nest Mini and the larger Google Home Max and stand vertically. We also have a rumor recap about the upcoming Google Nest Home spokesperson.

Pocket-Lint plans to broadcast all Google announcements live. However, it is unclear whether a live stream will be available to the public on the day of the event.

Writing from Maggie Tillman.

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