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Google launches Kids Space, a way to encourage your kids to explore

In 2020, more and more children were stuck at home, and Mamny of us struggled to find ways to entertain their children. Technology matters, and Google is now making it easier for kids to find fun and educational activities online through their new Google Kids Space.

Kids Space is a new mode for select Android tablets with apps, books and videos for kids to explore. The content should be fun and educational (just don’t tell your kids). Kids Space is currently only available for certain Lenovo tablets – Tab M10 HD Gen 2 and the non-HD version – but will soon be introduced on “other Android tablets”.

The beginning of the experience is tailored to the child by choosing their interests, thereby placing them at the center of the experience and aligning the content with those interests. The experience is made through a virtual character exploring the various activities, games and videos – the character can also be created by the child.

Inside Kids Space Google also worked with publishers to create over 400 books for free (in the US) and display lots of creative and fun videos from YouTube Kids to keep the kids more motivated. If desired, additional content can also be downloaded from Google Play.

Kids Space requires a Google Account for your child and the Family Link app installed on the supported Android tablet. The books require Google Books and the YouTube Kids videos. It’s unclear when this will land on more Android tablets, but given the times we are going through, we hope it is soon.

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