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Google launches the Coronavirus News Hub to ensure reliable reporting in one place

There is no lack of coverage around the corona virus, but that also means that it can be annoying to sift through all of the noise. To keep users up to date with corona virus information from reliable sources, Google launches a COVID-19 hub in Google News.

The hub organizes news from major global and local sources to help readers access the latest virus guides. You can even choose which regions in particular you want to update. It can also highlight stories related to topics like business, health, and travel, and highlight the results of local news that are most relevant to you, including tweets from local authorities.

Google says it is also working on a special fact-checking feature to remove misinformation about the virus, although experimentation is still ongoing on how to implement the feature . In the meantime, the Corona Virus Hub for iOS, Android and the Internet is available in over 20 countries and will be available in other locations in the coming weeks.

In this regard, the company is taking additional steps to ensure the latest developments. Authoritative resources are at the forefront when people search for cornavirus, and you even ask the Google Assistant, "What is the latest news about coronavirus?" to get quick and easy updates. Alternatively, Google updates its podcast app with a special corona virus carousel.

You can access Google’s new Coronavirus Hub here or learn more about new Coronavirus related features at the following source link.

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