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Google Lens camera redesign, inspired by the introduction of Pixel

In June we activated a Google Camera-inspired redesign of Google Lens. It is now being rolled out to some beta users of the Google app on Android.

In particular, this revision removes the carousel with large icons for accessing the various filters of the visual search tool. Instead, you get a lens surface redesign inspired by the Google Camera app. This is emphasized by a borderless full-screen look with rounded viewfinder corners.

As with Pixel phones, the filter toggle is now at the very bottom of the directly named modes screen. You can swipe left / right to switch, with the icon displayed at the top of the search button. This change is critical as Lens adds more functionality. With the previous approach, you had to know each symbol.

Google also moved the import button that opens your gallery to the left of the trigger. It was previously in the top right corner which is now just the overflow menu while the lightning bolt is on the other end. Depending on the mode, the viewfinder has different frame guides.

Not much has changed in terms of functionality. Independently of the new user interface, “homework” has been introduced to solve math problems.

The broader revision sees limited availability today. Not all beta users of the Google app have the Lens camera redesign, but it̵

7;s enabled for us on one account on multiple devices.

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