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Google Maps becomes the police weapon to fight traffic jams

Apps like Google Maps and Waze have become sophisticated tools that many drivers turn to to find their way around the crowded cities they live in and get to certain destinations faster.

Some authorities around the world have recognized the great opportunity that these apps offer not only for regular users but also for local services, especially when it comes to improving traffic conditions in large cities.

For example, officials in India plan to use Google Maps to pinpoint the location of traffic jams in certain areas and then dispatch police officers to clear the traffic jams.

Gautam Budh Nagar traffic police will be the first to use Google Maps to keep an eye on the streets in Noida and Greater Noida, according to local media.

While using Google Maps might help to fix the slow traffic, there is another solution that might prove to be more effective in this regard.


7;s Waze is an application specially designed for reporting slow movements, traffic jams, accidents and other road hazards. Already used by millions of users around the world, Waze is based on community reports that help run a real-time alerting engine that is always up to date.

However, Indian authorities say they will use Google Maps to monitor simple indicators like the red and green lines that signal slow and smooth traffic, respectively.

We planned to use Google Maps to make traffic easier as it is a convenient way to navigate to a destination. The traffic staff monitors the streets in Google Maps. The maps divide the traffic situation live in the form of green lines (where the movement is smooth) and red lines (where the movement is slow). The officers will identify streets and routes where traffic is slow and rush the traffic staff and marshals to address the issues.Ganesh Prasad Saha, deputy commissioner of the traffic police, was quoted as saying.

In addition, local drivers are given the two hotline numbers 7065100100 and 9971009001 to report traffic problems. The first number can also be used to send reports on WhatsApp.

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