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Google offers encoders with .dev internet addresses

  .dev domain by Google

.dev domain by Google


If you have anything to do with creating software, Google wants you to sign up to use the new .dev Internet domain.

The newly introduced Internet address for developers is now available to all interested parties, said the tech colossus on Thursday. In the past week, Google has allowed people and businesses to register .dev addresses at premium rates, but now prices are dropping from a partner, GoDaddy, to $ 1

4 a year.

Google requires that all .dev sites use encryption to secure their communication with web browsers. "Our primary goal for .dev is to introduce and use developers and to launch safer websites," said Google's Chief Information Officer, Ben Fried.

The new virtual homes are part of a massive extension of the aforementioned network addresses generic top-level domains or GTLDs. The growth opens up new possibilities for shorter addresses for websites and emails, and allows companies to use their brand names even if they are tuned to more popular top-level domains such as .com and .net.

But it also means new problems companies trying to defend their trademarks. In fact, an incentive for GoDaddy is: "Register .dev before anyone else does."

So, what is Google's plan for the site? "Deploying .dev as a home for developers – from tools to programming languages ​​to blogs, .dev is the best place for all the amazing things you build," said Adam Seligman, Google's vice president of developer relations, in a blog post. "In the coming months, we will move more of our existing projects and introduce some exciting things to .dev."

Google itself has begun to leverage its .google domain, starting with branded sites such as Diversity.google and sustainability.google, and more recently the higher profile of about.google. Moving to the new domains is tricky, as a left-clutter has to be updated and a muffing can downgrade the pages in the search results. "I'm really happy to say that the team did not lose search justice," said Fried.

New GTLDs are not so funny anymore, Fried added. "People are much more aware and trust in other domains than they were just a few years ago," said Fried, referring to research from the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), which operates the domain system of the Internet.

Google and a number of partners are already using .dev addresses: Women Who Code, JetBrains.dev for their programming tools of the same name, and web.dev to help site programmers, for example. Newer ones also arrive, as Google launches flutter.dev for its tool for creating mobile apps, tfhub.dev for its TensorFlow AI software, perfetto.dev for its performance monitoring tool, and v8.dev, the JavaScript engine it uses is Chrome browser.

First published on February 28, 8:30 pm PT

Updated, 9:44 am PT: Updated and expanded quote from Adam Seligman.

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