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Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 4 users complain of swollen and bloated batteries

There seem to be an increasing number of Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL users complain about the batteries in these phones. No, the issue has nothing to do with the battery life that users squeeze out of the 2915 mAh or 3430 mAh components. The problem has to do with the swelling of these batteries; Since May there have been numerous posts and photos about the bloated batteries in the Google Support Forum and Reddit. The photos show that in some cases the swelling is so severe that it pushes out and lifts off the back of the phone.
Some users didn̵
7;t even notice that their batteries looked pregnant as the damage was hidden by a suitcase. Others only knew there was a problem because they couldn’t charge wirelessly. One The Pixel 4 XL user found they were having wireless charging issues and concluded that their Pixel Stand was not working properly. Google replaced the booth, but it was unsuccessful. Only when the user realized that his wife The Galaxy S10 charged without any issues on the Pixel Stand and concluded that the problem was with its phone.
The author of a Reddit post, Dgecko2000, arranged a replacement for his Pixel 4 XL from Verizon. But less than a year after the phone launched, Verizon was out of stock and is shipping it to you Samsung Galaxy S10 + instead. This led Dgecko2000 to wonder if the problem with the bloated battery was responsible for the early retirement of the Pixel 4 series. As he writes, “I’m starting to suspect that this battery swelling problem may be bigger than that Google is currently admitting, and that’s why they abruptly stopped … I was wondering if my phone wireless charging problem might be a symptom too. On closer inspection, the upper rear corners appear to be “worn out” at the black edge where they meet the rear window … These two corners also appear to be slightly raised, but it’s hard to tell. “

If you contact Google for a device swap instead of your carrier, you might be more successful. Even if your damaged Pixel device is out of warranty, it seems Google is ready to send you a refurbished model. However, the company informs customers that the exchange is only one time. In other words, if the replacement you got from Google has the same problem in a year or two, don’t expect to get another replacement model from the company.

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