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Google Pixel 4a could be cheaper than the iPhone SE and Pixel 3a – and offer more

The Google Pixel 4a is expected to land soon as an affordable alternative to the Google Pixel 4, but could be even cheaper than expected. The latest rumors suggest that it will only cost $ 349 (about GBP 285 / AU $ 540).

This allegation was reported by Stephen Hall (Managing Editor at 9to5Google). in a tweetand he added that his source suggests that the price be for a 128GB model.

Given that we have seen evidence of this elsewhere there could be a 64GB Pixel 4a, it is possible that the starting price will be even lower.

But even if the price of Pixel 4a starts at $ 349, it̵

7;s still lower than expected since Google Pixel 3a started at $ 399 for 64GB of storage and some previous rumors had also offered Pixel 4a at that price too .

A lower price would make sense, however, as Google Pixel 4 was cheaper to launch than Google Pixel 3 in some regions.

Undercut the iPhone SE

If Google rates the Pixel 4a at the rumored level, it would also be a stronger rival for the iPhone SE, which is probably one of the phone’s biggest competitors.

The new iPhone SE starts at $ 399 / GBP 419 / AU $ 749 for 64 GB of storage. So if this rumor holds true, the Google Pixel 4a will cost less and offer you more storage space.

We would of course take all of this with a pinch of salt, as it’s just a rumor at the moment and contradicts an earlier one, but a $ 349 Pixel 4a is an exciting prospect.

We should know the official price pretty soon, since Google Pixel 4a’s release date is said to be June 5.

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