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Google Pixel 4a said about Undercat iPhone SE in a big way

What would be a good way for Google too Finally let fall Pixel 4a on us and steal part of the headlight from Apple̵

7;s new iPhone SE? Prices below the SE and crazy inventory management could be helpful.

According to a rumor 9to5GoogleGoogle can do both by introducing the Pixel 4a with 128 GB of storage and a starting price of $ 349. This would be an important step by Google, since the “a” line has an even better value than in the 3a.

Earlier rumors suggested that the Pixel 4a would start at $ 399 and 64 GB of storage. The idea of ​​a 128 GB model as an upgrade that would increase the price was considered. If so, does that mean we’re looking at a single Pixel 4a model (128GB for $ 349) with no options to upgrade size or memory?

Last year we had regular and XL versions of the Pixel 3a that had only a single amount of memory and a size difference of $ 80. The smallest version started at $ 399. So I think we all assumed Google would return at that price. But with the iPhone SE comes wild afMaybe Google decided to make a last minute change to keep up?

With $ 349 and 128 GB of storage, FHD display with holes, 6 GB of RAM, 3000 mAh battery, pixel-level camera and fingerprint reader, is it about improving the iPhone SE in record time? Write the headlines, people.

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