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Google releases the Google Maps for iPhone update with an important new feature

It’s support for the Apple Watch that Google originally dropped three years ago, but that the company decided to bring back with a new update this week.

The Mountain View-based search giant announced in August that Google Maps would be returning to the Apple Watch with a future update. This update is finally available today for anyone with an iPhone.

To get support for the Apple Watch in Google Maps, you need to install app version 5.52.

Google Maps works exactly as you’d expect on Apple Watch. One thing to mention here is that the app doesn’t show full maps on the smartwatch. Instead, Google Maps only shows directions on how to get to your destination. As a result, some users may only choose Apple Maps until support for the map is released.

At the same time, Google Maps has its very own complication on the Apple Watch, as it only serves as an app link, as no information is displayed when configuring a destination.

Speaking of destinations, you can̵

7;t set a destination directly on the Apple Watch because users first have to switch to their iPhones, enter the address they want to navigate to, and only then can they use Google Maps on the smartwatch. This isn’t necessarily the most convenient approach, but at least it works and gets you where you want.

As with Apple Maps, haptic feedback is also offered so that you can be notified when you need to take a lap or look at the watch for additional instructions while navigating.

Most likely, the Google Maps experience on the Apple Watch will be further refined in the upcoming releases, but for now it’s pretty clear that Apple Maps is a much better option in regions where the app has up-to-date map data. Of course, those who are not fully committed to the Apple ecosystem can always upgrade to Android as Google has prepared a pretty cool new Google Maps feature for users of the latest OS version.

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