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Google Testing Autocomplete Suggestions for Google Assistant

Photo credits – 9to5Google

Google Assistant is Google's digital assistant. However, unlike other digital assistants such as Siri, Google Assistant has the added benefit of allowing the user to enter. In other words, if you prefer not to speak with your voice, this may not be very practical as you can enter your search query.

It now appears that Google is expanding the feature, in a similar way to Google search, Google Assistant may be able to support auto-completion suggestions in the future. If you are not sure what we mean, when you enter information into Google Search, Google throws a list of potential searches that you may refer to.

This speeds up the search process and, in a sense, lets you know that you are on something. This is a feature that Google appears to be interested in sharing with Google Assistant so that users can quickly process their requests to Google Assistant in a similar way. Note that this autocomplete feature was discovered in the beta version of the Google app for Android.

When you run the public build of the Google app, it will not appear. We're not sure when Google will launch the feature. But if it's a beta version, we may not have to wait too long.

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