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Google turns off selfie retouching by default with the Pixel 4A and Pixel 5

According to Google, retouched selfies can make people feel bad about what they actually look like. Hence, the way these photos are processed on the latest phones is changing. For Pixel 4A, 4A 5G and 5, face retouching is disabled by default in the camera app. Soon the phones will be updated to re-label the retouching options and avoid any sort of judgment word like the use of the word “beauty”. If someone wants to use face retouch effects, Google will detail how the settings are applied and how they affect the photo.

“If you don’t know that a camera or photo app has applied a filter, the photos can have a negative impact on psychological well-being,”

; says Google in a blog post about the changes and why they were made. It is unclear if and when older Pixel devices will receive this update. However, the company recommends that all camera apps turn off filters and retouching by default.


Last year, Isaac Reynolds, senior product manager for the pixel camera, spoke to us The edge about how his team handles filters and face retouching. He mentioned that the team worked with wedding photographers to find the right touch-up balance so people still look like themselves but their best version.

The company first enabled selfie retouching by default with the Pixel 4. So it’s interesting to see that the team is already reversing that decision. At the time, Google seemed to know that people valued accuracy, but also wanted to look good in photos. Now it seems like it’s more about educating selfie-takers about what is happening to their photos and why.

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