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Google will remove misleading choice-related auto-completions

In the fight against fake news, even a search engine’s auto-complete suggestions can be confusing. Google announced today that it is updating its autocomplete guidelines on elections to add that it will “remove predictions that may be interpreted as a right to vote” and “remove predictions that are made as claims for or against you.” Candidates or could be interpreted as “political party.” Things that sound like claims about voting methods, requirements, or the status of voting locations are also not displayed, so if you say something like “You can vote by” or “You can Do not vote after “in the search field, the automatic completion does not suggest ending this statement with”

; phone “.

If you enter “donate to”, political parties or candidates should also not appear as suggestions. Of course, just because autocomplete doesn’t end your query with a prediction doesn’t mean you can’t type it in yourself. You can still type in “You can vote by phone” if you wish, or “donate to party candidates” for these results.

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