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Google’s autofill is always needed for the last time

Google Autofill is a fantastic little feature. It can help you fill out shipping forms and payment forms quickly. However, new features will be released in the coming weeks, as announced by Google this week.

As of now, users can register a biometric security level with Google for the automatic filling in of credit card information. Currently, users must enter a card̵

7;s CVC so that the rest is filled in automatically. This biometric feature is only used for the first time in addition to this security level. For later uses, however, you only need a fingerprint.

In the future, you can use Chrome to register your device to retrieve card numbers using biometric authentication, e.g. B. your fingerprint. You still need to provide your CVC when you use your credit card for the first time. However, for future transactions, you can use biometric authentication to confirm your credit card instead of having to pull out your wallet and enter the CVC.

In addition, Google has developed a new touch-to-fill function for passwords. When you sign in to a website, Chrome has a new touch function that allows you to view your saved accounts for the current website in a “convenient and recognizable dialog”.

Google says this feature will be available on Android for Chrome in the coming weeks.

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