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Google's decision to integrate 64 GB into Pixel 4 gets worse with every new mobile phone launch – Droid Life

I'm still using a Pixel 4 XL and I'm not really planning on switching to another phone in the near future. Let's just get this out of the way. But man, every time a new phone is announced, I wonder what the hell Google has thought with 64GB of memory.

It's bad enough that we watched Samsung set a base memory of 1

28GB (S10) or 256GB (Note 10) on all major phones this year, including the cheapest, the Galaxy S10e, that OnePlus went HAM with memory as well, and that LG even started its cell phones with 128GB. It's even worse that Motorola has launched three Motorola One phones at prices ranging from $ 450 to $ 350 over the last few months, all of which have just announced double the storage capacity of Google's Pixel 4 base model and not just 128 GB memory, but a microSD slot for further expansion. This is a $ 400 phone that most operators will probably not stick to for 2 years as it's a mid-range phone that needs to be replaced. Google's Pixel 4 is not! The Pixel 4 costs from $ 800 and the larger 4-XL version from $ 900. These are flagship-level phones that are twice as expensive as Motorola's and yet they will have difficulty getting most of us through a second year of use.

Look at the picture at the top of this post. I have a 64GB Pixel 4 XL version in Clearly White and after just over a month, I've devoured 64% of the phone's internal memory. I'm the guy who switches phones every few months and even I'm worried about future storage. I'm already imagining a situation where I'm switching to a Galaxy S11 for a while, getting tired of the software or bending over and returning to this phone. If I do it anyway, my memory will be 70% full, which I can only imagine.

"But, ladles, just buy another phone and keep going, brother." No! I like the Pixel 4 XL. I trust the camera more than any other cell phone camera. I like the 90Hz display Phone and the feeling in my hand because there are not many annoying, bent things I like it does not feel like a piece of metal and glass I love the software Pixel phones are one of my favorites, but if Google Even if the middle-class phones in the world continue to lag far behind, these feelings could change soon, and I do not know where else to go.

64GB of space will be enough for a phone in 2019 or 2020, nearly 1,000 It does not cost you US dollars, and you may want to keep them for more than a year.

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