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Google's first pixel feature offers a number of software updates

Photo : Sam Rutherford ( Gizmodo ) It seems that in the spirit of the holidays Google pays the owners of pixel phones a series of Software upgrades as part of its first pixel feature demolition .

The headline's three enhancements include advanced editing of photos stored in Google Photos, improvements to the Google Call Screener, and better-quality video calls in Google Duo. And for pixel owners who may not have bought Google's newest flagship – the Pixel 4 – do not worry, as Google's software package also includes a number of enhancements for older pixels.

Starting with Google Photos, you can now turn ordinary images into portraits with blurry backgrounds, including photos taken months or years ago. There's even a slider that lets you adjust the degree of blur to your liking. However, it is unclear whether this works for an image or only for an image on a pixel.

Gif : Google

When monitoring calls on the Pixel 4, Google uses the Google Assistant to automatically sort calls before the phone rings. (Previously, a phone call rang on your phone and you had to manually choose between listening, answering, or declining.) If the call is legitimate and the person remains on the line, your phone rings shortly after the interception and provides a context above it. who calls and what he wants.

Rounding out the list of Pixel 4 software upgrades is a series of improvements to video calling for Google Duo. Duo now has the ability to automatically center video calls on your face, a smoother playback that reduces delays or jerks, an AI-controlled sound feature that makes the sound clearer, and additional support for Pixel 4's 90 Hz display

In addition, Pixel 2, Pixel 3, and Pixel 4 (OG Pixel owners) can use a portrait filter on video calls in Duo to help people focus on their faces rather than their chaotic space.

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On older pixels, including Pixel 2, Pixel 3 and Pixel3a pixel feature drop brings Google's Recorder app (the the refined Includes Live Transcription Function ), updates for Android digital well-being tools such as "Flip to Shhh" and Focus Mode as well as the ] Live Caption setting that we talked about last week written (but only for pixel 3 and pixel 3a).

After all, all of the pixels in what may be the most important but most overlooked upgrade receive an update to their storage management that allows the phone to cache apps more proactively, making it easier and easier to run multitasks than before.

For people in the UK, Canada, Ireland, Singapore, and Australia, pixel feature drop brings the new and improved Google Assistant to Pixel 4 (but only in English).

The pixel feature drop updates have already been introduced. For features built into Android, simply go to your phone's settings to see if updates are available for your device. And for things like the new recorder app, just update your phone first and then go to the Play Store to download the app.

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