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Google's intelligent displays are receiving ongoing discussions

In the early days of digital assistants, you had to restart the digital assistant over and over again if you wanted to ask. This is very unnatural, because in real life do you always call your friend's name when you have a conversation? It is possible that you will not, which is why many digital assistants still feel unnatural to this day.

However, if you're using Google's Smart Displays with Google Assistant, you may be pleased to hear that Google has said that they will also bring Continued Conversations to these devices. Last year, Google started implementing the Google Home feature, and now it looks like it has found Smart Display devices as well.

According to Google "We're adding support for continued entertainment to Smart Displays, an optional setting that lets you interact with Google Assistant in a natural way. After you have triggered the wizard with a request, the wizard will remain active long enough to respond to any further questions, so you will not have to say "Hey Google" that often.

The Smart Displays are essentially Google's answer to the Amazon Echo Show. It has similar functionality to Google Home, with the added benefit of having a display that allows you to make video calls and watch videos.

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