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Google’s “Launch Night In” event, LG Wing fun, and more tech news today

Your tech news overview of the DGiT Daily Tech newsletter for Tuesday, September 15, 2020. We are in the shadow of today’s Apple event today. So be curious about the developments in Apple Watch and iPads.

1. Next Google Pixel: September 30th

Out of the blue, Google announced that the next launch of Google hardware will be on September 30, 2020.

What was announced::

  • As you will see in the invitation, Google posted the “Launch Night In” event, stating that “our new Chromecast, the latest smart speaker and the new Pixel phones will be introduced”.
  • …as expected!
  • Ok, so no big surprise here. Certainly the Google Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5 that we’ve known since the Pixel 4a launched.
  • And the new smart speaker, which Google hastily confirmed in early July. Recent leaks suggest it could be available for around $ 80/100.
  • And we’ve had a pretty good bead on a new Chromecast, Android TV codenamed Sabrina, for a while now, though there are few final details.

2. LG Wing announced

The LG Wing is now official and I find it remarkable how useful this second rotating screen seems to be. The 1 min tease from LG is here.

This is one of those times when a few seconds of gifs can really say a lot more than just words. Since Unbox Therapy was fortunate enough to have an actual device in hand, we can take a look.

First, the mechanism itself, which looks very pleasant just sliding back and forth, with nice mechanics and soft opening to give it a nice feel:

LG specified the vortex to be 200,000 revolutions, so we should see durability here.

And then down to business, for example using it to run dual apps like YouTube and Chrome:

And the fascinating gimbal-style camera setup that was a complete surprise:

That is very cool! But! Much is missing from the whole picture

What is missing::

  • Real insight into the device. Unbox Therapy doesn’t look at what’s good and what’s bad here, just what it is.
  • Pricing. Boy boy I can see LG want a fortune on this device.
  • Availability. Although we’re official now, we don’t have a date or rough guide for a release, e.g. B. this year or early next year.
  • We only know basic US information, initially only available to Verizon and later offered by AT&T and T-Mobile.
  • The potential here is huge and it is the software experience that everything depends on.
  • The Microsoft Surface Duo did some interesting things with seemingly unlimited bugs and problems.
  • Let’s hope the wing doesn’t feel half baked by the time it emerges.

3. Oculus Quest 2 specifies leaks for a massively improved VR headset. By the way, Facebook Connect is tomorrow (Android Authority).

4. Leak: Samsung manufactures the Qualcomm Snapdragon 875 chipset in a 5 nm process (Android Authority).

5. YouTube officially launches its own TikTok competitor Shorts – in early beta, currently only in India (Android Authority).

6. What the purchase of Arm by Nvidia means for your next smartphone (Android Authority).

7. What to Expect from Apple’s Time Flies Event: Apple Watch Series 6, a redesigned iPad Air, and more

8. Sony Announces Full Frame A7c Mirrorless Compact Camera (The Verge) for $ 1,799.

9. Today was originally the day TikTok was supposed to be sold, but the original ban will now theoretically go into effect on September 20th. Oracle has since confirmed that it has “won” (Reuters).

10. Sony lowers PlayStation 5 forecast by four million due to chip manufacturing issues (Bloomberg).

11. All Venus News: ‘Dr. Phosphine and the possibility of life on Venus (Wired). Here is a video explanation of the new findings from the Royal Observatory Greenwich (YouTube).

– And here is the relevant XKCD comic: Evidence of Alien Life (xkcd.com)

12. Microsoft’s test underwater data center was lifted and inspected after two years. Interestingly, it had lower failure rates, possibly due to nitrogen and a lack of human interaction. (Incidentally, it spent the two years Folding @ Home) (Microsoft Blog). Here are some workers powering it through Reddit as well.

13. ELI5: Why were ridiculously fast planes like the SR-71 built and why hasn’t their speed record been broken in 50 years? (r / ELI5)

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