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Google’s new Sabrina Android TV dongle is given a definitive name

Two weeks ago we heard that retailers were starting to list Google’s new Chromecast dongle that included Android TV functionality.

Now, Leaker Artem Russakovskii reports that a new listing at Target has clarified the name under which the device is being marketed.

According to its sources, the dongle is called “Google Chromecast with Google TV. ”

He also notes that Target cut the price from $ 59.99 to $ 49.99, meaning all retailers are now at the same low price.

9to5Google previously uncovered a listing for the handset on HomeDepot (now deleted but still in Google’s cache) that lists the device for just $ 49.99.

The price is way below the cost of the Chromecast Ultra, while it’s likely a much more functional device that also includes a remote control.

Images of the device have been leaked earlier. It will be available in three color options, according to Artem: Rock Candy, Summer Melon and Summer Blue.

You know some important information about remote control of the Android TV dongle. A dedicated Google Assistant button is on the first half of the remote. The remote control is white in color, but it is not clear whether Google will make it available in other color options. Unfortunately, we still don’t know if there’s a dedicated button for Netflix and Prime videos.

We also got a little glimpse into the new Android TV user interface (now Google TV). The new user interface shows TV shows and movies at the bottom. In the middle you will find an autoscrolling carousel with recommended titles along with the service provider. You can also manage your smart home devices from your Android TV.

The device is expected to be announced at the upcoming “Made by Google” event on October 9th. However, according to an earlier leak, it may hit the market earlier on September 30th.

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