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Google’s pixel plans get even more confusing with images of the Pixel 5s surface (Update: More images)

It’s no secret that Google’s 2020 smartphone line-up was heavily impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic – the Pixel 4a was originally scheduled to launch on Google I / O in May, but that event has been canceled and its release postponed to August. This latest pixel leak shows a technical example of a phone called the Pixel 5s by the firmware. However, before you get excited about the prospect of a new Pixel that we didn̵

7;t know about, it’s probably just the Pixel 5.

Google has already told us that the next two phones will be the Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5, and these leaks look very similar from what we know about them. The possible reason the Pixel 5s name was found in the About Phone section of Settings was suggested by Alex Dobie of Android Central on Twitter. According to him, the codenamed “Bramble” (4a 5G) device was originally intended to be the Pixel 5 while “Redfin” (Pixel 5) was supposed to be the Pixel 5s, but delays and other factors may have resulted in line-up changes and marketing discrepancies . Because these images are an early engineering example, they are likely running out of date firmware showing an earlier device name.

Sounds like all confusion is cleared, although it may not be. XDA’s Mishaal Rahman says he heard “Bramble” could have been branded as the Pixel 4a XL. It is very likely that one or more planned phones have been postponed – which explains the lack of XL models – so we may never know exactly what Google’s full 2020 lineup should look like.

Rahman said the FCC records for Pixel 5 list four different model numbers, two of which come with mmWave support. It is currently unclear whether Google distinguishes these models with different names like the Pixel 5s, or whether they are all called the Pixel 5 and you can simply choose a specific model when buying. Some of these variants may also be exclusive to carriers. Despite all this confusion, we’ll likely still only get a Pixel 4a 5G and a Pixel 5 (in different configurations) from Google for the coming months. However, this makes us wonder what could have been. Perhaps more leaks shed more light on what we might be missing out on.

More Pixel 5s images

The same source on Twitter has since uploaded a few more pictures of the Pixel 5s device. We don’t learn much more from it other than the fact that this model has 128GB of storage. We wouldn’t expect anything less from a flagship phone in 2020, even a more humble one like the Pixel 5.

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