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Grab a cheap PS4 Slim Bundle and get three of the best games for free

This cheap offer for PS4 Slim continues well into January after it has reappeared in the season. The price of a PS4 package that fell even further this week is $ 245. However, what makes this package so tempting are the three additional games that are offered at this price. You'll also get copies of Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition, God of War, and The Last of Us Remastered – three PlayStation hits that are guaranteed to give you a warm welcome to the system when you're first here. timer.

If you didn't hear it, the original PS4 is out. In its place, we have the PS4 Slim, a redesigned console that offers a sleeker design while maintaining the same internal specifications. While it doesn't offer the 4K scaling of the PS4 Pro, it's available this week with some really great games at a fantastic price. This console usually costs $ 299.99 on a good day. So if you get three top-notch titles for $ 50 less than the usual price, you're well prepared for the 2020 game.

If you've stuck to the plethora of exclusive offerings in the PlayStation library, this PS4 Slim offer lets you get your hands on all the important titles at once. In addition, this bundle is still on the rise under the console's MSRP, making it a must.

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PS4 Slim 1 TB | God of War, the Last of Us: Remastered, Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition | $ 245 at Amazon
Get a massive 1 TB PS4 slim deal for $ 50 below the usual console price and pick up some of the best exclusive games in one go. This is a win in our deal hunting books.
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