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Greta Thunberg comes to Portugal on the way to the climate talks

After a three-week trip to the Atlantic, climate activist Greta Thunberg arrived in Lisbon by catamaran.

However, Portugal is only a stopover: it is on its way to Madrid for the COP25, the United Nations Climate Change Conference.

The conference, which was originally planned in Chile, had to change location at short notice due to unrest in the Chilean capital Santiago.

This caused some problems for Thunberg, who is known to avoid air travel due to its high CO2 emissions. When the change of location was announced, Thunberg was still in the US, where she participated in climate change strikes for almost three months and met with local leaders.

Fortunately, she was able to hook up with an Australian family when they were crossing the Atlantic on a 48-foot catamaran.

Now Thunberg will rest and meet with Portuguese climate activists before finally making his way to Madrid, according to Reuters.

Thunberg's travels often cause a sensation, and their arrival in Lisbon was no different. Reuters reports that more than 1

50 supporters greeted Thunberg when she arrived.

The COP25 is now in process, convening the body responsible for implementing the Paris Convention.

During the inaugural address on Sunday, United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres urged leaders to avoid "going beyond the point of no return". At present, the US is the only country that has left the Paris Agreement. As the Trump government's decision to leave the country becomes official in November 2020, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stepped up to the climate summit to reaffirm US commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. clothed. "

" By coming here, we want to say to all those we are still in, that the United States is still alive, "added Pelosi.

The Madrid Summit is the last COP Group meeting Before 2020, the year in which the nations that signed the Paris Agreement have agreed that global greenhouse gas emissions must be limited and eventually reduced without any return, "CNN says emissions will rise by 7.6 every year over the next decade % to throttle.

The conference will focus on setting a common time frame for countries to implement their mitigation plans and agree on international carbon markets.

Guterres told reporters at a COP25 press conference that his message was "hope instead of despair".

"The signals of hope are increasing, public opinion is awakening everywhere, the young people are showing remarkable leadership and mobilization," Guterres said.

According to Guterres, there is no political will to cheapen carbon, stop subsidies for fossil fuels and reduce pollution from taxes.

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