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GreyNoise Announces $ 4.8M Investment to Filter Harmless Security Alerts – TechCrunch

Security professionals are constantly dealing with a rush of information, as their various tools trigger alerts, some of which require attention and some of which do not. Unfortunately, the warning must be addressed to find out. GreyNoise wants to help by filtering out harmless security warnings and giving security professionals the opportunity to deal with the important ones.

The company today announced a $ 4.8 million seed investment led by CRV with the participation of the Paladin Capital Group and several individual tech executive investors.

“Usually about 20% of the warnings you look at [don’t require your attention]. And these warnings are generated by both good and bad, who opportunistically scan, crawl, investigate, and attack every single device on the Internet, ”GreyNoise founder Andrew Morris told TechCrunch.

He adds: “This creates this problem with background noise. Therefore, we basically collect all of this data from all the people who scan and crawl everyone across the Internet, analyze it, and filter it out of what our customers see. So in the end they have about 20% fewer warnings. “

Surprisingly, the company does not use machine learning to do this (although adding elements of machine learning is on the roadmap). Instead, Morris says it̵

7;s a lot of automated analysis of sensor data.

“We have a huge network of collector sensors that are used in all of these different data centers around the Internet and in hundreds of data centers around the Internet. And we’re just applying a set of rules to traffic that everyone sees will end with the release of our core product, ”he said.

As the company continues to drive this new funding, its primary goal is to move away from this approach and get more data from customers to get discounts on their subscription costs.

“In the future, it will be unaffordable for us to collect all of the desired data first-hand. So we have to start developing products that our users can use to collect data for us. And we will expand that with this funding, ”said Morris.

They will also work with other key providers such as ISPs and data center owners to collect additional data.

Interestingly, this was a fully COVID transaction, in which Reid Christian from CRV Morris never met in person and did the entire process through Zoom. “A sign of the times, Andrew and I have never met in person and will probably not for a while. We were connected in the middle of the quarantine and both hid in our apartments (DC or SF), where we made countless zoom calls, mostly got to know each other and discussed the opportunity before GreyNoise, ”Christian wrote a blog post, announcing the deal.

The startup currently has 7 employees. Morris said he has plans to hire 10 people next year, with a focus on sales, marketing, and engineering. As he employs more people, it is essential to think about diversity and inclusion in his or her mindset in the early stages of the company.

“The best way to do this is to hire as many people as possible from the start, because it is much more difficult to make a company more diverse afterwards than to think about inclusion and diversity from the start. So now we have thought about everything with every shot we make, ”he said. How that will work when building the company is still a consideration and he plans to work with D&I experts to work out a plan.

Morris founded the company in Washington, DC in 2017, launched the first version of the product in 2018, and has 40 customers today.

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