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GTA 5 Franklin Voice Actor explains why Grand Theft Auto 6 is taking so long

The voice actor of one of the three protagonists of Grant Theft Auto 5 sheds light on why fans were kept in the dark regarding GTA 6.

vocation Grand Theft Auto 6 A highly anticipated game would be one of the biggest understatements anyone could make as record breaking sales for GTA 5 Show how popular the series is. With GTA 5 Now, almost seven years old, one would expect official information about its sequel by now. With that in mind, the voice actor is for GTA 5 Protagonist Franklin discussed exactly where GTA 6 is.

While Rockstar has spent time updating its popular GTA Online Mode as well as the killer infested Red Dead Online Experience has shown that insiders have reported that they are working hard on it GTA 6 also. The only problem is that various reports have indicated that the game is early in production while others say it is nearing completion, leaving many fans confused as to when exactly the game is coming. Franklin actor Shawn Fonteno doesn̵

7;t have all the answers but is sure of one thing.

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Fonteno took to Instagram Live to defend Rockstar against various complaints regarding the development of the sixth numbered entry in the series. The complaints in question do not concern the reset accounts in GTA Onlinebut the constant comments that Rockstar is milking GTA 5. Fonteno urges fans “don’t knock down rock star” to ensure that “it’s one process to get these games out” and the next Grand Theft Auto will come when it’s ready.

Remember that Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of the most played games of all time, it’s no surprise how expected the next game is. Fonteno makes a big point by pointing out the current state of the world in light of the coronavirus, as well as the implications for developments. Posting an unfinished game on such a poor man makes little sense, as Fonteno notes that fans “wouldn’t accept it if they threw GTA 6 out now “and the game was a mess.

Fonteno ends his discussion on the subject by saying that it took a whopping “four / four and a half years to film and complete GTA 5. “With so much time to record dialogue Grand Theft AutoThe development time should be a bit more understandable for info-starved fans. However, that didn’t stop fans from looking for news to find, as a domain was found that points to the location of GTA 6.

Fonteno’s comments are fair and the points he makes are valid because, for Franklin, the actor should have a better idea of ​​what goes into creating one GTA Play as fans. Although Fonteno is telling players to be more patient with Rockstar, she demands information about GTA 6 and what could be in it probably won’t stop anytime soon.

Grand Theft Auto 6 is supposedly in development.

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