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GTA Online casino diamonds are likely to be back

Diamonds have returned as a reward for raiding GTA Online Casino in the latest update. If you are planning a run on the casino vault in open world play, you have a high chance of maximum payout for the foreseeable future.

The update is carried out via the Tez2 dataminer, which runs through everything that is contained in the latest patch. Generally speaking, if you rob the casino, you can get a cash reward of up to $ 2.1 million, which is hardly a sucker bill. However, when diamonds are involved, you can earn significantly more. The particularly valuable stones are regularly taken out and put back in to prevent people from getting too rich or looking to the gambling center too often. You can now start planning your next heist. Chances are that you will be rewarded for your heroics in the crime game.

Some other additions include the Coquette D1

0 as a pedestal vehicle, 40% off all bunkers and renovations, and a range of cars including the Stirling GT, Rapid GT Classic, Infernus Classic, and Swinger are a nice half. The highlight, at least according to answers, is the fluorescent training pants and top from Lemon Sports, which guarantee that you will stand out from others in a lot. Best to leave this one in the closet when thinking of trying high risk crimes.

It is always good to keep your exploits within the parameters of the game, as players using a recent money exploit have had to reset their accounts from Rockstar. In some foreign datamining news, GTA Online has a UFO mission that only dataminers could previously play.

If you’re looking to buy diamonds to dip your toes in GTA Online, we have a guide to help you make your first million dollars. Here are the best GTA 5 mods for offline fun.

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