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Hacker turns the little Lego man Mario into a Super Mario Bros. controller

There are many ways to play Super Mario Play when you’re feeling creative. You could of course use a regular controller, but why not one Guitar hero Guitar, Donkey KongThe famous bongo peripherals or even a real drum kit. And what about Mario himself, turning a character of the most popular plumber-slash war criminal into a physical controller?

The self-proclaimed “hardware hacker” @ r1ckp did that with a Mario mannequin that was released as part of a Lego Super Mario Toy set earlier this year. As you can see in the videos below, @ r1

ckp Lego Mario flips back and forth to move around the game world of Super mario bros. (which runs via an emulator in a Linux virtual machine on a Mac) and with the right movements, Mario can jump, shoot fireballs, and shut down pipes.

This is all because Lego’s Mario character has some pretty interesting technology in it. To communicate with the digital elements of the toy, the figure is equipped with an accelerometer, a color sensor, a gyroscope and bluetooth. @ r1ckp says he just intercepted the signals Mario was sending over bluetooth and plugged them into the controls on the emulator.

The entire setup took “about 4 hours,” @ r1ckp said on Twitter. “The tricky stuff was figuring out the bluetooth protocol. Then it only simulates keystrokes for certain events. “He added that at some point he would share the code so others could duplicate this fun little hack for themselves.

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