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"Half-Life" returns – in virtual reality

Happy Friday and welcome to this week's Replay, WIRED's Video Game News Summary. The biggest news of the week is undoubtedly the imminent reincarnation of Gaming's biggest and most deadly franchise. But that's not all. Let's get down to business

The desired half-life stylishly returns in Valve's new VR Exclusive

. Do you remember half-life ? You probably do; The legendary absence of a Half-Life 3 is as deeply rooted in the mythology of playing as Mario. Surprise! There will be a new game Half-Life . But it will not be HL3 . Instead, it will be a kind of prequel. And it will be an exclusive virtual reality game.

A full-length VR game compatible with all of VR's VR headsets (though they're hoping you'll use your Valve Index gear, I'm sure) Half-Life: Alyx will play Alyx Vance, Half-Life 2 in the period between the first and second game of the series. You will play as an Alyx, fully embodied in VR as you sneak into the alien dystopia of City 1

7, in search of … something important. We are not sure what. But it is essential to the human uprising that is gathering on the ruined earth of the half-life universe. And though it's not Half-Life 3 it seems pretty radical. It will be published in March 2020.

Xbox Offers New Accessibility Guidelines

Last year, Xbox released the Xbox Adaptive Controller, an important step in the development of barrier-free game inputs that are customizable for a wide variety of abilities. Microsoft is now releasing a set of accessibility guidelines for games, including best practices regarding subtitles, difficulty levels, and various other UI and game elements.

These guidelines were released by Rock Paper Shotgun According to Microsoft, it was developed with industry experts and members of the disability gaming community. This kind of thing is essential: Codifying elements of accessible design and explaining how they are implemented will make games a more inclusive, accessible industry. Other media have generally accepted practices of how to do these things. Gaming needs her too.

The CEO of Activision says games should not hold a good political speech.

This is interesting: In a recent appearance on CNBC, Activision Blizzard CEO and multi-millionaire Bobby Kotick said he does not believe that games, at least his company's games, should include some kind of political speech. He said the following:

"I am responsible for making our communities feel safe, secure, well, and content and entertained. … That does not give me the right to have a platform for many political views, I do not think so. I think my job is to satisfy our audience and our stakeholders, our employees and our shareholders. "

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