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Halo Infinite rumored again to offer Battle Royale mode

A version of the Halo Infinite The website sparked the rumor that the first-person shooter will offer a Battle Royale mode.

Developer 343 Industries confirmed that the multiplayer mode is from Halo Infinite will be played for free and will support 120 frames per second on the upcoming Xbox Series X. However, the studio previously denied that there are plans for the game to offer Battle Royale mode, but the Japanese version of its website says otherwise.

The Japanese version of the Halo Infinite The page on the Xbox website describes the game̵

7;s genre as “Batoru Roiyaru Shu-teingu,” which is translated into Battle Royale Shooting, as highlighted in a post on the Halo subreddit.

It remains unclear whether this is just a case of mistranslation in Japanese, but it would make sense if Halo Infinite will offer a separate Battle Royale mode, maybe similar to War zone to the Call of Duty Modern Warfare. With the free multiplayer mode, the game can also play against similar players Fourteen days and Apex Legends.

Digital Trends has asked Microsoft for comments on the rumor, and we’ll update this article as soon as we hear.

Halo Infinite starts the Christmas season 2020

Halo Infinite will be released on time for this year’s Christmas season as the starting title for the upcoming Xbox Series X from Microsoft.

The details of the plot of Halo Infinite remain scarce, but the gameplay trailer at the Xbox Series X showcase in July confirmed that it will take place two years later Halo V: Guardian. However, the trailer was widely distributed due to its graphics, which prompted Xbox marketing manager Aaron Greenberg to clarify this Halo Infinite is “a work-in-progress game”.

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