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Halo: Reach immediately becomes one of the most played games on Steam

Halo: Reach was just launched on Steam and met with great interest. There were so many gamers playing that it reached fourth place on the Valve list of the most played titles on its gaming platform.

Indeed. It's still in fourth place at the time of writing, just behind the three dominant gaming giants on Steam: PUBG, Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. and reached a high of just over 161,000 players, which is very impressive.

There are still 76,000 people still enjoying the shooter, which is more than the number of people playing Destiny 2 or GTA V. or Rainbow Six victories.

So it seems the game hit the market almost a decade ago ̵

1; it has quickly established itself as the biggest entertainment launch of 2010 and surpassed the opening weekends of some Hollywood blockbusters – a lot of miles still left.

Quiet Run

Nostalgia is of course always a big driver when it comes to games – and indeed films. Many people are undoubtedly looking forward to seeing Halo: Reach with updated graphics on a modern PC.

Or maybe more to the point of how the Halo: Reach game runs, optimized for hassle-free playing on a low-spec computer, to a point where it reaches 60 fps in 4K to 6 old ones Graphic card. Of course, such a broad target audience in terms of specifications would not have compromised the chances that it would be widely used.

Of course it also helps that the PC port arrives well and in every way everything runs smoothly and there are no glitches or eye-catching bugs.

These are all good signs of the rest of the Master Chief Collection, with Halo following the remaining five games: Reach.

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